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back is, more than any other thing, the Internet-portal for the nautical charter in Italy, but is also the site for the professional profiles of the people working in the charter business and the album of the skipper-boatowners and sailing schools which are the historical roots of the italian charter business.

Free and gratis is gratis. Gratis are the adverts of the charter-proposals, the curriculum vitae and the boats for sale, as well as the access to the data online. But is also free as far as it does not report to any economical organisation or commercial activity.

Why to have a guide for the charter on the web
Reached at its fourth release in a little more than two years, responses to the need of its users to have a reference point helping them to sort out of the jungle of the thousands of pages of charter proposals available on the web.
Today, searching with "" for "barche italia" you will find around 32.000 pages. Even worse is the situation searching on "" for "boats Italy": you get 226.000 pages. However, in the Italian web, one of the first links coming out of your search is the one of, which is itself a kind of summary, an index thanks to the one your search becomes easily.
Who is looking for a boat for rental knows this and knows also that the information he/she will find on these pages are true, up-dated and complete. He/she knows that it does not cost anything, that he will find clear and transparently comunicated price lists, knows that he/she will not be bombarded with advertisements and that no additional charge will be claimed.

Michele Costabile is the result of a two-fold experience of its author as sailor and as designer, who has worked on the sea for many years, below and above the waves, first as diving teacher, then as skipper on its boats for charter, and who at the same time has continued working as commercial artist and web-designer.
At present, terminated the long company experience as founder and business administrator of Comunicazione Italiana srl, Michele Costabile teaches Multimedia technologies for the visual communication at the faculty of architecture of the University of Rome "La Sapienza".
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is the company, that hosts thanks to the far-sight of its business administrator Luciano Carbonetti, to the capabiliy and availability of its "scientific mind" Giampiero Genovese, and to the spirit of participation of Vincenzo Baraniello first and Andrea Manisco later, who changed over at the helm of the software. PCG, which is an Internet-Provider as well as a Software company, has made a great experience of the needs of the nautical business thanks to the work done for and today is able to collaborate actively with the operators of the field. ©2000-2019 Comunicazione Tre Srl
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